Equals Three

I found this channel in youtube about a month ago and I got hooked. Its this guy named Ray William Johnson who reviews the so-called viral youtube videos in a hilarious way. I do found it hilarious, though my sister didn’t LOL.

The old videos (like the ones posted two years ago) are a bit okay.  He was a bit stiff, like an amateur comedian who’s not used talking in-front of the camera (haha sorry XD).  But the latest ones are awesome, it really makes me laugh. Its so cool that I always check for new episodes.

If you guys wanna check it, I embedded a video below. Its one of his latest. And here’s the link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RayWilliamJohnson?blend=1&ob=5#p/u/0/ZgS2mdBL3Rk


P.S. I wasn’t paid for this review, just want to share it to y’all XD



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3 responses to “Equals Three

  1. wow nagkahulan ang mga pusa…jejejeje

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