The Story of Skurai

I once knew a man. Skurai. A man with great pride and honor. A man whose life was vowed to protect the needy. But that was all gone. The man I knew was never the same.

He was one of the knights of this grand city. The city where all the different people gather. The city of wealth and fame. For a knight, he was loved by all. He was kind and gentle, always looking after the people and his brethren.

Not for long, his hard work paid off. He was promoted as the personal guard of the beautiful Princess Titania. A very rare opportunity that is only given to a knight with high calibre. It was, without doubt the best thing that ever happened to him.

As days passed as a royal guard, he got along well with the princess. They eventually became friends. Time passed, their friendship blossomed into love.

It was forbidden. The royal family cannot have an affair with the commoners. It was to keep their status in place. Skurai and Titania opt to hide it, and it was well kept.

Not until one tragic day. A prince was introduced to the Princess Titania as her fiance. She was of right age so her father arranged a marriage for her. Her father had chosen the right man to succeed his throne. A man of great power and influence. A pretty face that every girl would adore. He sure could give the princess the life she deserves.

However unknown to the royal family, the prince’s true intention was not the princess’s hand. It was a cursed blade that was imprissoned for ages at the depths of the castle. The cursed blade Talatsu whose lust for blood was unquenched.

Whilst the prince wreak havoc at the castle, poor Skurai sold his soul to Talatsu to see his princess once again. The people were slain and the princess was held captive when he arrived at the throne. The prince, or rather the monster who disguised himself as a prince offered him a deal. Trade the blade for the princess. A fair deal.

It didn’t go well. The prince have no intention of returning the princess in the first place, and Talatsu would not acknowledge him as the new master. He was consumed with rage when the blade sliced his right arm. He turned to his captive to avenge what had been done to him.

The princess was killed right before his eyes. It was all over. He had wished he heeds her desperate plead to take her away. Some place where no one knows them so they could live freely. But it was like dust blown by a strong wind. The woman he loved so dearly, she’s gone.

The kind and honorable man had turned into a blood thirsty maniac. Under the curse of Talatsu, he was bound to search for someone whose blood is exceptional that could quench its thirst. By then his soul will be free.

Yet the memories of her still lingers. A painful past that can never be undone.

From: Ragnarok Manhwa, the character of Skurai


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